Monday, December 1, 2008

Girly, girl...

JUXTAPOZ has been one of my favorite magazines for a while now. They pick pretty good items for their "STYLE SHEET". It's usually products that neat-o artist have recently worked on/ collaborated on/ or are now making now. Today I opened the magazine and FELL IN LOVE with Anna Winifred's latest rings!

Anna Winifred is an artist turned jeweler, who likes a little bling every now and then too.

While I'm on the subject of jewelry, I might as well mention my favorite DC jeweler, Jesse Walker.

REALM: the designs are often ironic and edgy with twists on classic looks. Walker takes classically beautiful semi-precious stones and other traditional jewelry components & mixes them with modern, industrial elements like steel ball chain and kilt pins.

I have this necklace, a fabulous ring and a metal heart bracelet that I got at a fashion show a few years back. I have yet to see another Jesse Walker bracelet like the one I have. So special to me! I cannot wear a piece of REALM jewelry out and not have someone comment on it.

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