Monday, June 30, 2008


I had UNJUANTED add this stencil to my dress over the weekend. I added the heart today.

Project is stressing me out.



Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Red Derby

One of my favorite bars in DC is The Red Derby.
Mostly because it's red, a giant chalkboard to draw, unjuanted lives close and the people are nice.
This is what i drew tonight.


Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another friend of mine, Dreco, just had a BABY!

Please allow me to introduce you all to Trajan.

Since you probably don't know Dreco, let me explain that he is basically one huge muscle fronting as a human. If you take a closer look at the forearms of Trajan, you can see that he already lifts dumbbells and only eats spinach. How cute is this baby!

All this baby having lead me to making an Aiyden painting. I can't stop with the babies.

RELAX gets a new bunny

I went shopping on 14th st again today. I hit all the antique shops. At Miss. Pixie's I bought Relax this little bunny.

That is also a cotton ball holder.

I knew she'd love it, and she did!

Friday, June 27, 2008


Today I collected more finished records from peeps participating in the Vinyl art show- part of the Hip Hop Theater Festival.
I don't want to give too much away, but there are 14 finished records hanging on my wall right now. It's like a mini vinyl show right here at the corcoran factory.

RVLTN records


I've been on an art buying spree. Today I went and bought the erotic art print from the back room at Capitol Hemp, that i've been dreaming of since I saw it. This is the most modest print offered. It was this or two fairies 69ing in flight. You could see tongue. I liked the paris feel of this one and the checkered floor. I want to frame it and put it in my kitchen.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online shopping

Went to watch the Spain /Russia game at UNJUANTED's house. Checked up on my shark ONYX, who we now know is a Iridescent Shark Catfish. At one point I looked up and there were all his records, finished, hanging on the wall. I was so excited. Then later on in the evening OWEL surprises us with this record and his newest most greatest stencil.

Today I got paid for a project and so I went shopping online for all the things I've been online stalking.
1. my first vacuum cleaner.
2. ordered two panda goldfish from DC PETCO.
3. a kit cat clock. because my friend doo doo has one and he won't let me steal it.
4. a coffee pot lamp by Minda Merinsky (
5. a bottle of BITCH wine for HIP. Because I saw it two weeks ago and thought of her and now I can buy it for her.

Spain won three nothing. It was like Russia didn't even show up to play.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is my friend Andy Matchett.

This is him singing.

This is my drawing he used on a album. buy it now.

This is the tattoo his designed/ adapted for me.

It's just like he drew it on my skin. ROCK VEGAS YAS!
much love Andy
thank you both.

flow bots


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

DC51 ART seen in the EXPRESS

This was one of the Pictures in the Express. Here you can see OWEL's giant sea life painting (all multi layered stencils and spray paint), HIP's portrait by DECOY and paintings by RVLTN. SUPER FUN!

go here

The Cone Snail

Rico Salsa introduced me to the Cone Snail today.

record 2


Next Record.

A buddy of mine made these new AMAZING/ SUPER FUN stickers.

Picked up my new Love Is Medium Rare font form Yas.

Monday, June 23, 2008

POP, I'd say I'm a POP wait, I mean...

On Sunday I met with Brandon Bloch at ArtWhino for an online and cable tv channel
( Brandon had requested to interview some local
artists for a series the station is doing.

This is for a series on emerging artists for Current TV (an online and
cable tv channel - ). The
one-minute segments will be shown throughout the day on Current TV and
will profile an emerging artist... like yourself. The segment will
feature an interview of you talking about your work, it'll show three
pieces of your artwork, and then direct viewers to a website where
the work is available to view and purchase... with prices of about $500
or less.

Here's me, off to the National Harbor for my first Interview!

On the way I got to see this really big chair out in SE that I've wanted to see forever!

Plus the recently moved Awakening sculpture.

Decoy and crew are getting ready for the Hip Hop Theater Festival Vinyl Art Show.
I started mine-




40 bucks at petco buys a crab a pretty sweet little hermit condo. No more tupperwear container as a home for Kaka. Training began today!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My purchase from Artomatic arrives today!

Today I received the piece of art that I bought at Artomatic. I tried to buy two of his pieces, but the other one i wanted was already sold. It was a simple drawing of a bed. I loved Vincent's drawings. I'm so happy to have a new piece of art in my house.

It's entitled, Let It Go Already.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Trio




SNAIL MAIL and KAKA-superstar

DECOYink mail stops:
knoxville, tn
austin, tx
barcelona, spain
bainbridge, ga (this one i am super excited about! a poster going on the bridge of this creek we always swim in when visiting Mitch. super fun)
seattle, wa

RELAX and I decided to go down to Ocean City for the day and get some sun. I also got my newest pet- a hermit crab named Kaka.

Kaka is from Brazil and plays for AC Milan.

This is where Shark Attack 2008 begins to become a reality.

SHARK ATTACK! 2008 began as a napkin narrative of sorts. It was a story board of a one night event. A little napkin book. People wear hoodies that are pulled up and have shark like things on the hoods- eyes, teeth, blood maybe...etc. The event is a one night art show. there should be a big glass window in the front of the building. photos can only be taken from outside through the glass. all the art work inside will be of sharks or about sharks, sharks life's etc. everyone inside will have to wear their hoodies up. the event was going to be called SHARK ATTACK! 2008. fishbowl type feel.

THEN it turned into DECOY announcing the prediction of- There will be more shark attacks reported this year than in other recent years. So far there have been two major shark attacks this year.

THEN while getting more work on my arm, YAS asks me if i would like to keep his shark, ONYX, while he travels this year. It was all coming together! So we set up UNJUANTED's 90 gallon tank and welcomed ONYX into the club.

THEN while in OC i decided to buy this little hermit crab that was painted with a red soccer ball on his shell. The lady informed me that I would need to buy a second shell that was a little larger for him to grow into. When I looked down there was a basket full of shells painted'll never guess!

Could it get more awesome?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Finished Commission

If Austin Participates

then they will receive these super big, super fun stickers to put around town.

gotta finish this one still.