Thursday, September 22, 2011

Submerge and But Is It Art...

I LOVED SUBMERGE! I loved almost every piece in there! Juan has an amazing Cool Disco Dan/ Red line train cut out! Tim has a interactive paint with light piece, Asad painted a half naked chick you can see from the street, KGB in da house! and awesome installation artist! I wish this was the wall paper in my house...

Make sure you see them all!

Art all weekend!

Mural finally finished for the art shows this weekend!

Warhol portrait by one of my art kids. We did Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jackson!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Albus Cavus and Architecture For Humanity

Silk Screening for our fundraiser coming up, check out the website for more info here!

Albus Cavus and Bread For The City

This summer I got the awesome chance to hang out with the folks from Bread for The City! We decorated shopping bags for food at a number of free farmers markets, painted DC voting right hands at each center and got to garden and learn about natural ways to keep bugs out of your garden. What a fun summer!

Painting Murals With My Kids

My Perry Center Kids helping with the But Is It Art? Mural- opens Thursday!