Friday, January 18, 2008


and my favorite purchase so far. this adorible dress i got at H & M for only 9.99.

with HOODIE for only 39 bucks. not bad.

got this jacket

and then she. she being relax, dragged me to old navy. BLAH. but super sales.

which matched my TREAT dress PERFECTLY.

and these super cute leg warmers for only 1.63! (along with another cute pair, same price, but black and sort-a lace like)

first stop TARGET. once i found this amazing jean jacket in the kids departmant of target. other than that, i really can't remember the last thing i've bought there. HOWEVER, i found this crazy cute dress for ONLY 12 bucks!

and then barb took me shopping in virginia. which i am not opposed to, i just don't do it often.

every time i leave the district, i get a new painting when i come home. this was my christmas painting. i loved it!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the globe.

one day i shared with some friends my love of globes. one of my friends had this beautiful old globe that stoop high on a stand. i got really excited, because as we all know- a stand makes anything more neat. so he let me keep it in my house, since i would of course appreciate it more.
then my friend DEBT comes over. if left unsupervised, he can be trouble.

and then...

on the most up to date news about globes, or to read about the most famous globe right now
go to:,2933,311701,00.html

Friday, January 11, 2008


one of my most favorite secrets. BOOKISH LADY is my neighbor.
this is my collection.

painting by OWEL

new kitchen

in the end it was perfect!

when it was finished, we danced.

at one point i almost lost the whole floor...

it was a bit crazy at first.

i had specifically chosen my dear friend RATON to help me do the job.

we carved a portrait of our fish "blackie cat" on the pumpkin.

around halloween in got a new kitchen.

working on new painting. Jaime Paris. 07/08. six feet by six feet.

and done.


there was a five by five of this painting in the art whino show back in november.

add the blah blah

it's going to be used as a headboard.

testing it out.

fresh start. new white canvas.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

this is just a TEST. just a TEST.

bathroom mural, art whino old town, va

two headed monster stencil. circa 2005 pic thanks to