Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sandra Beasley

Richard Chu and DECOY in front of her ZORA mural at Eatonville.

The other day a my friend Richard Chu had passed this poem along to me, from a local writer named Sandra Beasley. Tonight I had the chance to meet her. I really enjoyed reading the poem, and so thought I'd share it with you too.

Love Poem for Wednesday
by Sandra Beasley

You’re the day after Tuesday, before eternity.
You’re the day we ran out of tomatoes
and used tiny packets of ketchup instead.

You are salt, no salt, too much salt, a hangover.
You hold the breath of an abandoned cave.
Sometimes you surprise me with your

aurora borealis and I’ll pull over to watch you;
I’ll wait in the dark shivering fields of you.
But mostly, not. My students don’t care for you

or your lessons from the life of a minor god.
Can you hit the high C in our anthem?
Can you bench press a national disaster?

I fear for you, Wednesday. Your papers
are never in order. Your boots track in mud.
You’re the day I realized I didn’t even like him,

and the day I still said yes, yes, yes.
Sometimes I think you and I should elope,
and leave this house of cards to shuffle itself.
You are love, no love, too much love, a cuckold.

You are the loneliest of the three bears, hoping
to come home and find someone in your bed.

Getting ready for Beautiful Losers

Beautiful Losers
Thursday, June 11
7 pm
AFI Silver Theatre
Silver Spring
Tickets include admission to the Screening, Silent Art Auction and Reception. VIP Tickets include a pre-reception with our special guests, a private gallery viewing and complimentary wine and light appetizers.

Raffle Ticket $5
Individual $50
VIP (includes VIP pre-reception) $125

I'm moving my write your grandma installation to the Beautiful Losers show in Silver Spring. Made more cards today. I can't wait for this event! I have been a fan of so many artist from this group, for so long.


For the most recent neighborhood art, check this out!

Mika Altskan

Today I traded a print of this photo by Mika Altskan for this poster.

My mom comes into town next Wed. I've been collecting some art as a gift for her when she gets here. This Mika Altskan photo was a must have for MAC's collection. We met and traded art tonight at the ARTOMATIC opening. I'm SO SO SO EXCITED!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Drew on blank pairs of shoes today with B-MORE peeps Sylvia Ortiz and LUCHO.

These are the ones I was working on for myself. I didn't get very far, but this is what I doodled with.

Fun at ADIDAS in G TOWN.

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle, 48, is a Scottish singer who came to public attention when she appeared as a contestant on the third series of Britain's Got Talent. Boyle became known when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Misérables in the competition's first round.

Watch her amazing performance which has captured the hearts of millions worldwide!

This is for my Aunt Lisa, who taught me everything I love about Andrew Lloyd Webber.

True Beauty - Young Womanhood in D.C

I've been working on this photo project with my friend Richard Chu called "True Beauty - Young Womanhood in D.C". Today was photo shoot #3. While waiting in the parking lot, Richard pulls this sling shot out of his car and says it's for me. My first sling shot, age 30. Super happy!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Street Art Video Night at Irvine Contemporary:
Greatest Hits of Street Art Documentary Films

Thursday, May 21

@ Irvine Contemporary
1412 14th Street NW

Phil Frost

I LOVE seeing the spaces that people work in. Take a tour of one of my all time FAIV artist Phil Frost at his BROOKLYN STUDIO here. Super Fun!

summer fun

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lately I've been thinking more and more about why it is i do what i do. More so in trying to figure out why I feel so strongly about public art. I know surface reasons, but really trying to think back to early influences in my life that perhaps impacted me but i've forgotten about along the way. And so, last night, the memory of the homes and buildings that I would often see as a kid in Germany popped into my head. How could I have forgotten house after house painted with a mural. Homes, restaurants, shops, churches...they all had a painting on them.


You are invited to a special preview of a new sculpture by Peter K on Friday May 22, from 6 - 10 PM at the Affinity Lab, 2451 18th Street NW, Washington DC

The piece will be the centerpiece of Red Bull Art of Can exhibit in Union Station in Washington DC in October.

At the Affinity Lab preview, there will be sketches of the process of twisting and figuring out the knot. This is a unique chance to view the piece before it’s finished. You will be able to build your own paper model.

Free refreshments, Red Bull, their new natural Cola, mixed drinks, a keg of beer and good times… Music by Philippe of Fatback.

The reception is sponsored by Affinity Lab – Red Bull - Massey Media – Albus Cavus.

THEN walk up the street to Capitol Hemp for their next art show!

Monday, May 18, 2009

This SAT and SUNDAY!


NAKED WITHOUT ME is a music video that Robert Cosnahan directed in May of 2004 while attending Northwestern University. The video was funded by Niteskool, a student-run film grant organization. The vocals are sung by singer Sarah Smith and the track composed by DJ Nathan Matsuda.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Drawings

A few new drawings I've been working on.

Pieces on paper

I had made a piece for the Random Acts of Kindness show on paper.

I really liked how it came out and sold it, so I thought I'd make some more for the next Capitol Hemp show.

I think they're really fun!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Saturday!


LYING is out today! The latest INDEPENDENT FILM! With a 30 page outline, and an amazing cast and crew, this film was shot in 15 days for $150,000. It then went on to screen at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL as part of the Director's Fortnight program. I am a HUGE Chloe Sevigny fan and can't wait to see this movie!

When a long weekend brings four women together in the countryside, each of them is forced to navigate the depths of social interaction as virtual strangers. How well do we really know the friends we make in adulthood? And in an age of lies, what can be made of the person who tells untruths so small they serve no obvious purpose?

Starring: Jena Malone, Chloe Sevigny Director: M. Blash

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


albus cavus

new works

new decoy poster pic

Photos by:
Daquella manera's photostream


tonight's your last chance to tune in to the LOCAL LOVE show with dj TIM TAM!!!

TONIGHT he's pulling out the big guns, the heaviest hitters from my DC music collection for one very special...


7-9pm RADIO CPR 97.5fm

Monday, May 11, 2009

starting new pieces for the next capitol hemp show

Philippa Hughes and I took down the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS show today. Here's the phone booth and mail box that were used in the show. All the cards to grandmas were collected today and will go out soon!

About the man who began flying after meeting her

This is one of my FAIV short stories ever. I read it first in How We Are Hungry by one of my all time FAIV writers, Dave Eggers.

When he met her and they liked each other a great deal, he heard things better, and in his eyes the lines of the physical world were sharper than before. He was smarter, he was more aware, and he thought of new things to do with his days. He considered activities which before had been vaguely intriguing but which now seemed urgent, and which must, he thought, be done with his new companion. He wanted to fly in lightweight contraptions with her. He had always been intrigued by gliders, parachutes, ultralights and hang-gliders, and now he felt that this would be a facet of their new life: that they would be a couple that flew around on weekends and on vacations, in small aircraft. They would learn the terminology; they would join clubs. They would have a trailer of some kind, or a large van, in which to hold their new machines and supple wings folded, and they would drive to new places to see from above. The kind of flying that interested him was close to the ground - less than a thousand feet above earth. He wanted to see things moving quickly below him, wanted to be able to wave to people below, to see wildebeest run and to count dolphins streaming away from shore. He hoped this was the kind of flying she'd want to do, too. He became so attached to the idea of this person and this flying and this life entwined that he was not sure what he would do if it did not become actual. He didn't want to do this flying alone; he would rather not do it than do it without her. But if he asked her to fly with him, and she expressed reservations, or was not inspired, would he stay with her? Could he? He decides that he would not. If she does not drive in the van with the wings carefully folded, he will have to leave, smile and leave, and then he will look again. But when and if he finds another companion, he knows his plan will not be for flying. It will be another plan with another person, because if he goes flying close to the earth it will be with her.


Painted all night with some people friday night at artomatic. Check out Albus Cavus for more pictures and details.

never stopped loving andre 3000= hotlanta!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lazy sundays with friends

What if you were Vanessa Torres' mom. How proud would you be then!

MY new favorite flower

I first saw this vine at this butterfly home they have up in Georgia while visiting my family.

The Bleeding Heart Vine.

Keep your eyes open for some in DC. So pretty.

Friday, May 8, 2009

What is Magic?- David London

What is Magic?

48 Hour Challenge!

In preparation for the next issue of Beyond The Smoke and Mirrors, I am looking for people to send me up to a one paragraph response to the question "What is Magic?"

I will put together the magazine from your contributions, which can be sent to

If you prefer, you may also post your response on my Facebook page.

The deadline is 3:00 AM on Sunday morning, May 10th.

Please feel free to forward this information to anyome who you think might be interested.

I look forward to reading and sharing your responses.

David London

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I found these pictures on RELAX's camera.

Chuck let me design him a new t-shirt on his undershirt, and Davy let me draw fake tattoos on him. I LOVE the fork threw heart you can see on his forearm here.

The KNEE- one of the most important places.

All in all, a super fun night!