Friday, May 30, 2008

Sea Monkey Love

I bought this sea monkey home a while ago. I hatched the eggs. They grew and on the third day they all died. Disappointed, I put the home away in the corner of the room. About a week ago, I was cleaning and saw the bowl sitting and thought, "how gross, just a bowl of dead sea monkeys. Throw that away". I looked at it right before i poured it down the drain, and to my surprise, something was alive in there. The more research i did, I found out that the first batch often dies. The right thing to do is just leave them alone. There is one male in a tank of about 7. He has already hooked up with two female sea monkeys that we know of.
Unfortunately, when sea monkeys are the only pet you have left, you end up learning facts about them that you probably didn't really need/ want to know, like...
sea monkeys have been known to mate for up to a week or more, straight.

or neat things like, when they reach full adulthood, they have three eyes.

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