Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This was a commissioned piece I did a while back for an anniversary gift from a guy to his wife. I had met with him, gotten pictures of her and visited his house. We were both pretty certain I was going to do a portrait of his wife as the gift. As I was leaving their house i noticed this leaning tower of pisa lamp they had on the table. He laughed and said it was funny I asked about it, because they had gotten it on their honeymoon.

The birds are a silkscreen.

I asked because I too had been to Pisa and had also bought a leaning tower of Pisa lamp. I had it in high school, college and after. This was the piece i created for them. He picked out the word 'three', it was how many children they wanted and were just beginning to try and start their family. They now have one child.

Sometimes my mind sees something and breaks that image down to it's simplest form. Both in line and color. That image then begins to take on a somewhat cartoon like look. I saw the leaning tower of pisa piece like that and the stonehenge rendering. I think the new commission may also fit into this series in terms of look, style, color and line.

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