Monday, May 26, 2008


Some of my most fun commissions come in the strangest forms.
This one- KANSAS.
I've tried about a hundred ideas for this one. It really has been fun. But nothing really great yet. I sat down today to get to know Kansas a little better, and guess what I found.

World's Largest Ball of Twine!
Cawker City, KS

Frank Stoeber started this ball of twine on his farm in 1953. By 1957 it weighed 5,000 pounds, stood 8 feet high, and had 1,175,180 feet of twine on it. Stoeber gave the ball to Cawker City in 1961 before his death in 1974.

-17,980 pounds Almost 9 TON !!!
-40 foot circumference
-Over 7,827,737 feet of sisal twine
-1,444 Miles

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