Monday, May 26, 2008

Best Game Ever Invented

The Best Game Ever Invented, was invented Friday night at a house party in the neighborhood of Adams Morgan, Washington DC.
It is the sister game to the infamous trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The Story.

A bunch of people were outside mingling at a house party in Adams Morgan. No one knew each other and so I thought I'd break the ice by singing 'Greatest Love of All'. Always a crowd pleaser, people started talking and singing along. You could hear people mumbling...houston...whit.... And then, louder than anyone else, one guy yells in total confidence CELINE DION!

This guy tried to convince me that Celine Dion sang 'Greatest Love of All' before Whitney Houston.

I was pretty sure I was right. Like 99.99999%. There was doubt in my mind that Celine Dion may be older than i thought....that was my only concern. Or maybe it was some big Canadian hit before Whitney busted it out in 1978.

This led to the question, and the creation of the most fun game in the world...Which came first, Celine Dion or ______ ? In this case it was, Which came first, Celine Dion or Whitney Houston?

Guy at party- convinced Celine Dion.
Me- Good old Whitney Houston.

Who was fight? Me, Of course.
Celine Dion, Born March 30, 1968.
Whitney Houston, Aug 9 1963.

i'll start....
which came first? Celine Dion or the toaster oven?

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