Sunday, May 25, 2008

Death of a Legend

I was raised with storytelling. I lived overseas most of my life and didn't really get to spend much time with relatives and family. Instead memories of my family survive through stories told to me and my brother over the years. Like that Christmas Nana used lipstick to write the names on each gift, and it got all over everyones clothes. Or the time grandpa spilled his plate of food on his lap, and everyone was so scared he was going to get upset, but instead he grabbed his drink and poured it on himself too, and everyone laughed.

In reading my friends blog, I was saddened to learn the great folk singer and storyteller, Bruce U. "Utah" Phillips, had died at the age of 73.

I had the opportunity to see Utah Phillips years ago when I lived out in Utah. You should listen to his voice!

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