Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Pink Line Project and Strange finds.

I was kindly asked by The Pink Line Project to do a piece for their booth at Artomatic.
Sadly, I only have pics from before.

The Pink Line Project supports outstanding artists who contribute to excellence in the arts in Washington, DC. Founded by Philippa P.B. Hughes, The Pink Line Project fosters intellectual and artistic innovation through programs and events that are fueled by the transformative power of art.

There was one lady on my floor (4) who turned fun old things into lamps. The one i liked was a little apple shaped bird cage with a fake bird in it that had a light bulb as a head. I think she also had a old fashioned waffle maker lamp. They were pretty neat. I peeked at her price list. 45 bucks for the one i liked, not bad at all.

I was so happy when one of my favorite stores in Adams Morgan moved into my neighborhood.

Now they are double in size! Miss Pixie's is a great addition to 14th st weekend shopping.

Last weekend I bought Relax a card with wild horses on it.
This weekend she found these pictures of a bunch of young kids. She asked me what I thought of the kid under the arrow.

She thought she looked extremely young and pregnant.
Sometimes those shoe boxes full of old photos are kinda BLAH. She does look so so young...I think it looks like the girl to her left is holding her hand.

I found a fabulous statue of Mary that probably came from a school. A must have for me!

The doll I hid last weekend was still there, so I had to buy it for my mom for mothers day. I love her little green dress.

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