Tuesday, March 4, 2008

INTRODUCING: Mr. and Mrs. Palomo and Paloma

As long as you are meeting all my friends, i might as well introduce you to Paloma and Palomo.

They are a pigeon couple that live outside my window. So i HAD to join PROJECT PIGEON WATCH and make it my personal goal to be the spokesperson for all URBAN BIRDS.

piegons mate for life.

Never seen a baby pigeon? there are a few reasons. pigeons tend to make nests in very hidden darker cave like spots where people don't normally go. under bridges and roofs and such. both the mother and father produce a milk that is very very high in protein and fat. the bird learn to fly and leave the nest fast. the babies are usually bigger than the parents by the time they leave.

The more i get the know my neighbors, the more i learn...
When the first Olympic games were held in Greece in
776 BC, how did people find out who the winners were?
Pigeons carried the news! Julius Caesar, the emperor
of Rome more than 2,000 years ago, used birds to send
messages back home from battle. Pigeons were used as
war messengers as recently as in World War II. In
fact, until the invention of the telegraph in 1836 and
the telephone in 1875, the fastest way to send any
kind of news was by pigeon

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