Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is my fish. His real name is Cat, which became Black Cat, which became Blackie Cat, which is now shortened to Blackie. Blackie recieved more christmas gifts this year than anyone else i know. He got a bigger condo, a house warming card and a new skull for his pad. X-mas '07 rocked for Blackie.

I hate to put pictures of BLACKIE on line like this, but i find this really funny. It took BLACKIE about six months to even go inside his new skull. one day i happened to look into the bowl the first day, i assume, he decided to dare swim in. today, i took this picture after BLACKIE had stayed inside the skull for quite a long time. i wish i had better "before" pictures, but BLACKIE has basically turned his new skull into a bathroom. I love him.

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