Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight savings and pigeon habits

Sunday morning i found out time had changed. I realized it when the pigeons came home at six instead of their usual time of five.

Today Paloma came home at 6:02 by herself. I was worried.

She looked and looked for him.

Around 6:20 Paloma left. This has never happened since i have been watching them (about four months). At 6:30 they came home.

RELAX and i couldn't help but come up with a list of reasons of why Palomo was late coming home from work. This also coincided with the fact that OWEL didn't come home from work at his usual time of 6:30.

1. Had a few too many after work at local bar Happy Hour.
2. Was courting another pigeon.
3. Was playing soccer at La Canchita and lost track of time.
4. The line at the supermarket was longer than expected.
5. He doesn't care. And as Palomo says, "I do what i want".

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