Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chris Brown's Birthday Party= FUN

Saturday i went to a friends birthday party up in Georgetown. I was so excited about this party because it took place at his parents house, and i have wanted to meet his parents forever. I don't know why, but ever since i met Chris, i've had the feeling that his parents love him very much.
We had such a good time! His mom and dad were so nice. His mom made food for hours. Burger, veggie burger, hot dog, Burger, veggie burger, hot dog. Swaff ate six veggie burgers and at some point his mom made a joke that i had eaten eight hot dogs. Super fun day. Thank you Pat and Bill. Happy Birthday Doo Doo!

He loved his gift.

We took turns chopping wood with a hatchet.

And we fed the fish all night long.

And on the way home we saw the cutest stop sign in the world!

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gwadzilla said...

not sure if you will get the random connection

but these shots were on his birthday