Sunday, March 23, 2008

11:52am on the 7th he was born


One of my closest friends just had a baby boy. She shared with me a little peek into what becoming a mother was like for her, and i thought i would share some of it with you.

" he was 4 weeks early! it's not the greatest birth story but the outcome was worth it! i was getting really sick. i had preeclampsia which is high blood pressure and liver malfunction (and the worst swelling you've ever seen! i gained 20 pounds in 8 days!)and went into the hospital for strict bedrest on the 4th. on the 5th they decided to start inducing me cause i had developed eclampsia which is the same thing only add seizures, liver failure, and a drop in blood platelettes to the mix. the only way to treat it is to give birth so, it was pretty shitty. there were a lot of procedures i won't go into too much, lots of IV's which is scary cause you aren't even supposed to have cough syrup when your pregnant so it's weird that they can pump you full of drugs. the worst was magnesium, it counter acts seizures and it makes you really hot and throw up and it slows your system which counter acts the pitocin which is supposed to induce the labor. anyhow, riv stayed with me the whole time. my mom got the first flight out and was here by thursday morning. they were awesome cuase i know i was being a bitch and i was so incoherent i don't remember half of it.
after 24 hours of labor i had only dilated to 5cm so they decided to do a c-section because both of our vitals were dropping and at 11:52am on the 7th he was born. it was the most horrible, beautiful, and important thing i have ever experienced. he was 4lbs 11oz, so tiny but he was completely healthy and is up to 5lbs 5oz now. i can't explain it. i was so afraid i wouldn't like him or something but he is so awesome. he has riv's nose and my mouth and he knew who i was immediately and i love him to death. "


Martin said...

I love a good baby story. I can't wait til the Thing's mother spawns anew.

Thank you and your friend for sharing.

Deanna said...

I love that girl!