Thursday, March 20, 2008

Art show and potluck

Art show and potluck to benefit Student Farm Worker Alliance.

Drums, art, dancing, friends and food.

The Belmont house Saturday, March 29th 5-10 pm (

Corporate farms growing tomatoes for Burger King keep getting in trouble for slave labor. Even the "legit" farms practice a type of modern day slavery: to make the minimum wage farmers must pick 2 tons of tomatoes a day.

Students and farmers stood together and McDonalds and Taco Bell backed down. They now pay tomato farmers a livable wage. Burger King does not.

Come fight corporate greed and stand in solidarity with farm workers in their fight for dignity and a livable wage.

I'm still working on my piece.

OWEL also made an awesome canvas. stencil and spray paint.

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