Sunday, March 23, 2008


It all started with food.

And quickly moved to huevos.
(note: the two tier table lamp, so kindly given to me from a friend who knew my love for lamps. I wish you could see the detail better on the glass)

OWEL eggs

DECOY eggs.

Back of egg. CORAZON.

These were the eggs made by RELAX and UNJUANTED.

...If i were you I'd go buy a few easter egg dying kits tomorrow. They are on sale everywhere now for 99 cents or cheaper. Pick up a few. I think you'll find dying eggs to be fun throughout the whole year, instead of just a seasonal event. Good for children, dates, breakfast making for a loved one, or a thank you breakfast basket with each egg haveing THANK YOU on them and OJ/ muffins (if you use a white crayon and draw of write on the egg the dye cannot color the wax of the crayon, so your love message will appear), baby sitting project...and so, if i were you...

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