Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Tuesday Night.

One of my favorite peeps in the whole wide world is my friend Doug. I don't get out of my house much, none the less take a vacation to a foreign country anymore. But Doug managed to get me on a plane to Iceland a few years ago to travel around with Sigur Ros, and it really was a dream trip that I will always be grateful for. Not to mention that I owe him a million robots. Tonight he had posted that he would be working at Marvin's. So I decided to be the Tie Fairy and deliver some gifts to a few deserving friends. This is DECOY , Doug and Sheldon Scott. Sheldon is the one who allowed me to wheat past on a wall next to two of my heros- Shepard Fairey and Ron English. Super Great Peeps!

My new MOS- Mates of State stickers in anticipation of their next show at 9:30 which me and my FAIV girls HIP and RELAX have tickets too. This is a band that RELAX and I have followed for years. One of those bands who you have old school memories with from way back. RELAX saw them once in TN in a coffee shop no bigger than a kitchen. This may be one of their first shows at 9:30. I'm trying to sneak a girl/ boy tie set into their dressing room as a welcome to DC gift set. In Da Works.

New Colorado art up in DC. 'COSBY' by Felix Jackson Jr.

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Taxi Gang said...

Cosby looks great next to a three-year old TAXI GANG stencil of Jimi!!