Monday, March 16, 2009

Bill Plympton

I used to go see these free films and sometimes talks, on tuesdays at National Geographic. Once the cartoonist Bill Plympton showed films and spoke. It was amazing.

I know some people would think this crazy, but...

While my friend Scot Lefavor was in town, we started a mad belly button lint collection of his...collected it in this jar.

Seriously, Scot should make wigs for children, this was like day ONE.
But...Mr. Plymplton may be able to explain it a little better.

Or, maybe he can help me answer my question of, Where Do Tears Come From?

I fell in LOVE with Bill Plympton when I saw his film The Fan and The Flower, which is " A heart-warming animation by Bill Plympton, telling the odd but touching love story between a fan and a flower. The animation is also a lesson about sacrifice as towards the end fan blows itself through the roof of the house to let the rain in so the withered little flower can live again, despite the fact it was a love that could never truly be. All this mixed in with an inspired musical background and Paul Giamatti’s naration make for a worthwhile watch". In short, it's really really cute. watch it HERE.
PLUS- the poster I stole off the wall of the bathroom tonight.

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