Monday, March 9, 2009


I own two vases.

One is a really boring Tiffany vase I got from my marriage. Fun because it's from Tiffany. Boring because it's boring.

The other is a vase the homeless man who used to live behind my work found for me. He usually always had stuff to sell, but one day he excitedly told me he thought he had found something I would really like. He went through his stuff and pulled out this vase. He was right, I loved it at first sight. He wanted 2 dollars for it. I went back inside and told my coworkers I needed some money and gave him ten for it. I still LOVE it to this day.

I know flowers are somewhat of a luxury that I shouldn't spend my money on...but they make me oh so happy. My mom used to clean my room and put fresh flowers bellow my mirror when I was young. So anyway, I bought some flowers...

Can't wait for the lily's to bloom.

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