Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Drawing- Dee.

I always stop in and see the latest exhibits at my neighborhood gallery, Transformer on on 14th and P.

The past show was one of Photographs by Hatnim Lee.
Hatnim Lee creates vivid, large-scale photos of saturated colors -- from fashion shoots to poignant portraits -- with an ease that belies her youth. Following an internship with David LaChapelle in 2006, Hatnim Lee continued to develop her craft in Los Angeles, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and Washington, DC.

Lee's exhibition at Transformer features a range of works reflecting her photographic interests over the last two years, and launches her new book: HATNIM LEE PHOTOGRAPHS September 2006 - December 2007.

Sometimes i see a person or a photo and everything inside tells me to draw them/ it. That happened with the photo Dee, by Hatnim Lee. So, on Friday i went back to transformer and drew for about an hour or so. My sketch book was small so i had to divide up the drawing as i drew. I couldn't wait to rush home and piece it together.

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