Thursday, April 17, 2008

11 year old snail.

Taxi Gang sent me this the other day. I liked it.

'A Chinese man says he's had the same snail as a pet for 11 years - and takes it for walks.
Yang Jinsen has now had his pet for twice the normal life span of a snail, reports the Southern Metropolis News.

Yang found the snail by the roadside on his way home from school in 1997.

Back then, he was 14 and the snail was the size of a small coin. Now, he's a married man and the snail fills the palm of his hand.

"I built a small home for it in the yard, and fed it water and soil," he said.

"On weekends, I would take it walking in the fields, and in the evenings I would put it on my desk, playing with it while doing my homework."

Last year, he married and moved to Dongwan to work: "I got permission from my wife to bring the snail with me to the new city," he added.

Experts say it's amazing for a snail to live so long and say it could be because it has been so well looked after.'

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