Thursday, January 29, 2009


BOOKISH LADY is one of my favorite artist in DC. She makes the most special prints. I bought some of her pink motorcycle cards as a thank you for Philippa Hughes of The Pink Line Project. They were a perfect gift.

For Feb. she has made this limited edition book of love letters. Love Letters- features 15 letters from the likes of James Joyce, Albert Einstein, Edith Wharton, Lewis Carroll, Lucrezia Borgia, Allen Ginsburg, George Bernard Shaw, and more–chosen for their wit and originality–and about 20 typefaces. Each letter was set by hand and letterpress printed at Pyramid Atlantic. Then we bound them into a limited-edition 24-page pamphlet. I love paper. I love words. I love fonts. I love history. I love everything about this book, and I promise you it will be something really special.

It’s available at a special pre-sale price for only a week!

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