Thursday, January 15, 2009

Katy Daley and Todd Taylor

I have been in love with my friend Chris Brown's mom since I met her last year at his birthday party. They live in Georgetown and so I called her yesterday to tell her about two show's I'm having in her area of town. One of the pieces is a painting of her son and another friend playing FIFA.
When I got off the phone Chris started telling me how his mom is a radio personality, and how she hosts a bluegrass/ country radio show daily. AND how she plays the banjo! I knew Mrs. Brown ROCKED the first time I met her. Katy Daley is not her real name. It's her decoy.
My father loves banjos. Once he ordered this mix tape thing through a magazine. He got to pick like ten songs, they put it on the tape for you. He still has that tape. It still works. One of the songs he had chosen for it was Dueling Banjos.

Guinness World Record Todd Taylor Fastest Banjo
Listen to the Katy Daley show- 7 am- 10 am on WAMU
Katy comes to you LIVE from our Washington, D.C. studios every weekday for 3 hours. Katy brings 25+ years of radio experience to celebrate the music through interviews and features such as Musician’s Tips and Gems of Bluegrass. If your taste in bluegrass ranges from the early days right up through the latest releases by today’s artists, this is the program for you.

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