Thursday, June 19, 2008

SNAIL MAIL and KAKA-superstar

DECOYink mail stops:
knoxville, tn
austin, tx
barcelona, spain
bainbridge, ga (this one i am super excited about! a poster going on the bridge of this creek we always swim in when visiting Mitch. super fun)
seattle, wa

RELAX and I decided to go down to Ocean City for the day and get some sun. I also got my newest pet- a hermit crab named Kaka.

Kaka is from Brazil and plays for AC Milan.

This is where Shark Attack 2008 begins to become a reality.

SHARK ATTACK! 2008 began as a napkin narrative of sorts. It was a story board of a one night event. A little napkin book. People wear hoodies that are pulled up and have shark like things on the hoods- eyes, teeth, blood maybe...etc. The event is a one night art show. there should be a big glass window in the front of the building. photos can only be taken from outside through the glass. all the art work inside will be of sharks or about sharks, sharks life's etc. everyone inside will have to wear their hoodies up. the event was going to be called SHARK ATTACK! 2008. fishbowl type feel.

THEN it turned into DECOY announcing the prediction of- There will be more shark attacks reported this year than in other recent years. So far there have been two major shark attacks this year.

THEN while getting more work on my arm, YAS asks me if i would like to keep his shark, ONYX, while he travels this year. It was all coming together! So we set up UNJUANTED's 90 gallon tank and welcomed ONYX into the club.

THEN while in OC i decided to buy this little hermit crab that was painted with a red soccer ball on his shell. The lady informed me that I would need to buy a second shell that was a little larger for him to grow into. When I looked down there was a basket full of shells painted'll never guess!

Could it get more awesome?

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