Monday, June 2, 2008


DEBT got back from London. I had let him borrow my camera and couldn't wait to see the pictures he brought back. These are about 40 or so of my favorite...there are so so so many more. They are so fun, he could make a book of them.

While there DEBT stayed with squatters in abandoned buildings. Some law thing, allows people to take over vacant buildings for extended periods of time. People 'fix them up', get water and electric and pay no rent.
I had given him some stickers to put up. This is one of them. He said later he had passed this lamp post and my sticker was gone. He said he thought it funny and strange that it was gone so fast, but owel.
He said that later in the week he moved buildings and when he laid down in his new bed, my sticker was on the wall next to him. He said he couldn't believe it. Strange.


and unpack.


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