Sunday, June 1, 2008


So there have been two fights in my life that i have witnessed. The first occurred when i was eating at a restaurant I love, Polly's on u st. At that time one man pushed another man down the stairs and proceeded to beat him with one of the bar stools, repeatedly. This was on a Sunday in the middle of the day.

Tonight the second fight i have witnessed happened. This was much larger than before and this one involved me calling the DC cops. Let me tell you about it.

RELAX works at Luna Grill and Diner on con. ave. She and I used to live at The Seville on 14th and n. Across the street is one of the few drive thrus in DC and a restaurant called La Villa. If Luna people decide to hand out, they always go to La Villa. We went tonight.

all was cool.

and then.

about twelve to fifteen guys rush into the bar and begin throwing glasses, chairs...what I saw. One man pick this other man up, slam him against the wall. That guy became limp, landed on the table. Another guy picked up a chair and hit the guy on the table with it, and before you knew it the entire restaurant was fighting. I couldn't find Barb, Someone threw something that busted a Llight.. When the light exploded and glass landed on me, I ran out. While outside, two cars pulled around and loaded with people from inside that had started the fight.
The last car waited outside longer than it wanted too. The driver was getting irritated. The guy they were waiting on had a brown plaid shirt and the sleeves were rolled up. He had tattoos on both of his forearms. He had very dark, greasy hair. They were not young. My age.

I ended up outside with out friend Van. I feel like we stood outside for a good minute while these people were still beating on this guy inside. I told Van to call 311, then i asked to borrow his phone to call the police. I first called 311- what I thought was the non emergency, help line for this area. No one picked up. So I called 911. It rang four times with a recorded message before someone picked up. Enough times that i noticed i was waiting on an emergency call and decided to count how long i had to wait. I would like to point out here that I have never called 911 in my life. That alone was scary enough for me to do, beside the fact that there have been people beating up this one guy inside for at least 15 min. now. I cannot describe to you how violent this group seemed. I was scared.

This is what happened:
While I was on the phone with 911- the guys left, and I was outside looking into the window of the restaurant. There was a guy on the floor. His shirt had been ripped off. It looked navy blue. The only part left was the collar and a torn piece down the front. He was laying on the floor and bleeding. They moved him up to a chair. A waitress was cleaning the blood off his head. RELAX said you could hear him moaning while on the floor inside.

I went out to the street because i saw a cop and thought they were coming to me. I held up my skateboard. The first cop was going somewhere else past the 711. I waited a bit more. then someone came to us. When the cops got there, my friends were had been ushered in the back of the place, behind the kitchen and the hurt guy was nowhere to be found. by this time the whole pace had been mopped and cleaned. they didn't really even want us to pay our tab even though we insisted and paid.
Now that I think about it we should have checked the bathroom. The manager guy kept acting like there was no hurt guy. I was so confused. The cop treated me kinda rude. He didn't really care to hear my story. Another guy came up who said he had called the cops too. Said he was in there with two cousins who were now gone. One showed up and was telling the cops he had been hit over the back with a trash can and was lifting up his shirt.

The place was closed now. We were all standing out front with three cop cars and cops. We said we would move along.

I guess I wanted some CSI action to take place.

I looked the cop in the eyes and said " a minute ago, when i called you, there was a guy lying on the floor bleeding from his head because he had been beaten with every char inside. The minute you arrived, he is gone, that doesn't seem strange"?

No one cared.

RELAX said someone probably wasn't legal and no one wanted to get in trouble or deported. And that basically I should let it go and shut up.

I don't know.

I don't know.

Fights. Physical violence, I guess I don't get.
I guess my thoughts were, I don't care where this person is from, I just saw at least ten large men beat on him. Help him. But I guess he didn't want or was too afraid to ask for help.
Fighting just seems so five minutes ago to me.
It's like not liking someone because they're gay.
Just seems archaic.

Hope of HIP crawling out of the closet and coming to life again. She was seen hanging out with friends at the Girls Rock! Benefit, where two of her close friends did a live drawing that was auctioned off at the end of the night. DECOY and LISA MARIE. Her birthday is this Friday, so all should come out and start the party off at the Capitol Hemp/ DC51 Art Party.

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