Thursday, June 26, 2008

Online shopping

Went to watch the Spain /Russia game at UNJUANTED's house. Checked up on my shark ONYX, who we now know is a Iridescent Shark Catfish. At one point I looked up and there were all his records, finished, hanging on the wall. I was so excited. Then later on in the evening OWEL surprises us with this record and his newest most greatest stencil.

Today I got paid for a project and so I went shopping online for all the things I've been online stalking.
1. my first vacuum cleaner.
2. ordered two panda goldfish from DC PETCO.
3. a kit cat clock. because my friend doo doo has one and he won't let me steal it.
4. a coffee pot lamp by Minda Merinsky (
5. a bottle of BITCH wine for HIP. Because I saw it two weeks ago and thought of her and now I can buy it for her.

Spain won three nothing. It was like Russia didn't even show up to play.

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