Monday, June 23, 2008

POP, I'd say I'm a POP wait, I mean...

On Sunday I met with Brandon Bloch at ArtWhino for an online and cable tv channel
( Brandon had requested to interview some local
artists for a series the station is doing.

This is for a series on emerging artists for Current TV (an online and
cable tv channel - ). The
one-minute segments will be shown throughout the day on Current TV and
will profile an emerging artist... like yourself. The segment will
feature an interview of you talking about your work, it'll show three
pieces of your artwork, and then direct viewers to a website where
the work is available to view and purchase... with prices of about $500
or less.

Here's me, off to the National Harbor for my first Interview!

On the way I got to see this really big chair out in SE that I've wanted to see forever!

Plus the recently moved Awakening sculpture.

Decoy and crew are getting ready for the Hip Hop Theater Festival Vinyl Art Show.
I started mine-




40 bucks at petco buys a crab a pretty sweet little hermit condo. No more tupperwear container as a home for Kaka. Training began today!

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