Friday, October 9, 2009


When I was out in LA i got to hang out with a lot of really rad people, one of which was Vyal. Vyal is the latest collaborator in Self Help Graphics’ political print series with his piece “Invest in Revolution.”

"I had this image in my head for almost a year , so when i was asked to do a political print by John Carr, i told him about my idea. He thought it was cool and helped me out a great deal with the technicals of the design. The design itself is in spired by the MASONIC logo of the compass and the square. Growing up in Los Angeles ive always seen variations of the L.A. logo, and noticed the similarities between the "L.A." and the Masonic logo had in common. So using the compass and the square to create the LA seemed cool design wise. I used the phrase " INVEST IN REVOLUTION " to get people to use their income wisely, to use it for change. Also the poster suggests to its viewers to "FLIP THE SCRIPT", to look behind the scenes and find out whos in charge, to see with ur eyes and hear with ur ears....."
Go to the site bellow to see neat photos of the print being made.

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