Thursday, October 15, 2009

Climbing PoeTree

Alixa Garcia & Naima Penniman are Climbing Poetree -- poets, performers, print-makers, dancers, educators, bookmakers, muralists, designers and new media architects. Their dynamic slam poetry performance touches on everything from Hurricane Katrina to the War on Drugs, illustrating the injustice at work in our society but always bringing it all back to the hope and promise of transformation through advocacy.

Climbing Poetree has performed at dozens of local and national SSDP events, and they have always received a warm reception of tears and cheers. This is a perfect event for SSDP chapters to cosponsor with other student organizations that focus on performance art or social/racial justice.

These women are simply amazing! If you are looking for something that will change your life or perhaps help you see something in a different light, then don't miss the last performance tonight!

1610 colombia road nw dc
at the unification church

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