Monday, October 19, 2009


the next bloomingdale civic association meeting will include discussion about the boxer girl mural.
there seems to be a lot of pressure on the city to destroy the mural and the mayors office is considering it.

Lisa Marie Thalhammer is a wonderful DC artist and a great friend of mine. Beyond all, she so strongly believes in all women and the strengths we all carry. She is an amazing contributor to this city in so many ways. Please come out tonight and support her and DC arts.

if you are in support of this mural, or at least in support of the artist and property owner, please come to the meeting.

monday night.
7:00 PM
160 U street nw
Washington dc
St. George's episcopal church

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Asad ULTRA Walker said...

i wish people would get this out of joint for a cigarette billboard (or any billboard) or a liquor sign... these things exist in public space and yet everyone goes up in arms about an artist creating a positive and beautiful image. art is not a group sport. respect the intent and creativity of the artist. if you are not an artist: stop complaining and try to enjoy. if you are: get your own space and do better.