Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Venice Art Walls

Lately I've become a huge fan of these so called 'legal' walls. These historic walls were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. The specific area where these walls are located was called "The Pit" or the "Graffiti Pit". During this period the walls were often painted with graffiti style murals. It was technically illegal to paint the walls then, but was generally tolerated by the Police and was loved by the community.

In Creative Unity (ICU Art), a Venice-based graffiti art production company has been serving as the Curator for the walls since this time. I'm on a kick where I want an 'open wall' in DC.


Deanna said...

What are the unwritten rules about painting over someone else's work?

Peter K (Albus Cavus) said...

i painted this wall and it was nice experience. weekends are crazy with a lot of kids bombing the shit out of the place, but monday mornings are all empty and lazy and slowly moving. you can just hang out with all the characters on venice beach and paint.

there are no rules for painting over somebody else. everyone knows that their piece won't survive for over a half hour. If the artist is recognized and well respected then maybe a day. it's not about the finished piece, it's about the place, energy, people you meet there. graf artists who are too sensitive about having their work painted over by somebody else are immature, insecure and dont really get it.

i have an experience establishing legal walls. currently i run one in nj that is one mile long and also im working on opening one in dc in near future.