Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brett Loudermilk

I could hardly contain my joy when I found out the film festival after party also entailed Brett Loudermilk performing! Brett is the worlds youngest side show performer and professional sword swallower!

My father and I both share a fascination with anything larger than life. Growing up we would always sneak away from the fair and pay and see the world's largest bull or a two headed alligator. He used to tell me stories of him and his friends as little boys, and the oddities they used to pay and see. "It walks, it talks, it crawls on it's belly like a reptile"...that's what he would always say while introducing us to something new.

NYC was super fun!

1 comment:

Brett Loudermilk said...

I don't know how to reach you. I tried to e-mail you through your site to no avail.

I think we should hang out.