Sunday, November 16, 2008

Transformer art auction

shh...LISTEN. thanks to RELAX for calling me and telling me to tune into SIA. Miss ya.

Tonight was the annual art auction for transformer. I went last year by myself, had a blast. This year I got to go with my amiga HIP. SUPER FUN. Lisa Marie is such a doll. The two most fun parts of my night-
A. I reunited with a little girl I used to teach art. A precious little angel that I loved meeting with each week.
B. I got to meet the owner of the bike that basically led me to create my bike (and friend).
A little while ago I started noticing this beautiful bike parked outside of the Whole Foods on P. HIP was really into making her bike pretty. I wasn't so much so. But the last bike i bought, I decided to make pretty. This is my new bike.

I can't take all the credit. OWEL and SWAFFEE helped me out a ton. But I did sand the whole thing down myself. And that's a lot of work.

I've already messed up the paint job.

Anyone trying to get rid of a white aerospoke wheel, let me know.

If I had the funds to bid last night, I would have bid on this piece, by ZACH STORM.

Zach Storm
Born in Los Angeles, California.
Lives and works in Washington, DC.

Corcoran College of Art + Design

I like to buy art that reminds me of my life. I learned this from my mother. She always bought pieces of art that resembled our life at that exact moment. For example, while we lived at West Point she purchased these local paintings often of the buildings around the academy. I wasn't a huge fan of them at the time, and found them somewhat 'silly' since we lived there and could see the buildings at any given time.
But, life changes...and like photographs, the art you buy throughout your life will become a visual reminder/ representation of you and your history. Zach's piece would have reminded me of the olympics this year and how many times i cried in front of the tv while Michael Phelps won. And how worried I was/ proud of my friend RVLTN while he flew to china with “Team Tibet 08". And who doesn't love a cheeseburger. or the idea or an amazing fat cheeseburger in china. or really cute drawings or nicely painted cheeseburgers. I even know a kid nicked named cheeseburger.

At just past 7pm, approximately one hour before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, two Americans, Jonathan Stribling-Uss, 27, and Kalaya’an Mendoza, 29, and an Argentine-American, Cesar Maxit, 32, staged a symbolic protest near the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing. At Beituching and Beiching Roads, the last major intersection on Beichen Road leading to the Olympic Park, the three men opened Tibetan national flags. The three men, wearing shirts that read “Team Tibet 08″ were tackled by Chinese security forces within seconds and immediately and forcibly detained, and deported from China.

I also got to meet...


LAY= Nilay Lawson

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