Friday, February 12, 2010

Art Collectives in DC

Unfortunately for reasons beyond our control Activation 2719 has been postponed one more week. The good news is that we have added more artists and musical performances to the roster! It is happening 100% no matter what Saturday, February 20th!

No Kings Collective Presents: ACTIVATION 2719

WASHINGTON, DC - February 12th, 2010

Starting on Saturday, February 20th, No Kings Collective will transform a beautiful, newly renovated, 4-story Columbia Heights row house into a temporary gallery. The name of the show, “Activation 2719”, reflects both the address of the location at 13th and Girard Streets and also an attempt to create life in an unoccupied historic location. “Activation 2719” will run from Feb 20th – March 12th with the opening reception this Saturday the 20th and a closing reception on March 12th (gallery hours below).

Moving forward from their successful installation at ReadysetDC’s launch party “For the Love of DC”, No Kings Collective will continue to bring you creative exhibits and special projects. This event was produced with close collaboration with ReadysetDC, and contains 11 unique bodies work from area artists all reflecting both their mastery of craft within their respective mediums.

Activation 2719 is a rare opportunity for the artist to curate themselves, with themes that reflect their own personal style and background. Artist were asked to produce ‘site specific’ small collections of work to best be reflective of what makes their work both current and cutting edge. The range of works, genres, and mediums within Activation 2719 are as diverse as the artist themselves. These artists are contemporary in their niche while also pushing boundaries in art, both local and nationally. The common thread of these artists is their instantly recognizable use of intense color and topics within in their works, from the dynamic clean duct tape works and installations of artist Bryan Rojsuontikul to the graphic pen style and social commentary seen within the work of Aniekan Udofia. Activation 2719 promises to be unforgettable merger of style and character. The opening event will start at 6pm and will include a bar, food provided by Commonwealth Gastropub, and musical entertainment for the evening. Music on the 20th will be performed by Bullfight Academy,

Opening reception is RSVP only. Please RSVP at by 3pm on February 20th.

Participating Artists:
The participating artists are Tim “Con” Conlon, DECOY, James Walker, Emily Green Liddle, Bryan Rojsuontikul, Aniekan Udofia, Drew Graham and Diana Cruz, as well as No Kings Collective themselves, Brandon Hill Francisco Esteban, and Peter Chang.

2719 13th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

This pop-up gallery is located at corner of 13th and Girard Street, three blocks from the Columbia Heights Metro Station (Green & Yellow Lines).


Open Hours:

Fri: Noon –8 pm (Feb 26th & March 5th) Sat: 10am – 5pm (Feb 27th & March 6th)
Or by appointment at

Peter Chang

I just finished an installation for the show opening tonight, Art of the Soul, with my collective DC51. I'm really proud of it. I think we pulled off our image and I think it did exactly what the curator envisioned. DC51 is an artist collective that grew out of the love for art, urban life, and the people. We bring paint to the streets, fine art to galleries, gear to the kids, beats to the crowd, and politics from the block. DC51 is made up of local artist who all share the same vision and drive through art. There are multiple collectives here in DC now, and with a bigger and more powerful art scene, hopefully there will be more and more. Art collectives have existed through out all of art history. Artist often work alone and need people who share similar interests and passions to help keep theirs alive. A community who show, create and share space, ideas and techniques together.

Albus Cavus also participated in the making of Art of the Soul. Another collective that exists here in DC but also has chapters in NJ and CA.
albus cavus - white cave (latin) - refers to the basement where the first shows were held.

Albus Cavus was originally started as a small basement exhibit space that gradually grew into an international collective of artists, educators and visionaries who work primarily in public space. Our installations physically beautify the neighborhoods and also promote development of healthy and strong communities through interactive events.
Mission Statement
- Promote development of strong and healthy communities by involving the residents in projects that result in improved public, gathering and common spaces.
- Design and develop novel interactive and participatory art projects in public space.
- Reinvent existing public spaces that are underutilized, neglected and abandoned.
- Cultivate healthy development of young residents through practical experience in complex projects that encourage team work and democratic process.
- Support artistic excellence by providing necessary consulting services, supplies and mentorship to emerging artists.

No Kings Collective is an artist collective based out of Washington, DC composed and run by artists that build professional working relationships with area artists, businesses and city organizations through social networking events, art exhibits and special projects.
More info at

Keep your eyes out for more events form all these amazing artist and collectives who now have the knowledge and power to do all of their brilliant ideas!

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