Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uncle Cory's Art Show

Saturday, January 9, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm
The Fridge DC
Rear Alley, 516 8th Street SE
Washington, DC

Cory Oberndorfer has invited some of his friends to come play at The Fridge for "Uncle Cory's Art Show."

The works curated into this show illustrate what happens when an adult's innocence is lost but the sense of childhood play remains.

Megan Blafas
Davis Connelly
Amy Misurelli-Sorensen
Cory Oberndorfer

While a common thematic thread exists, each artist approaches it with their own unique flair.

Megan Blafas plays with dolls.
Megan is a Washington, DC artist who creates figurative collages and assemblage sculptures. Her small-scale work is inspired by found object and DADA artists, Hannah Hoch and Baroness Elsa von Frietag Loringhoven. Megan’s plush collages are created by jumbling vivisected stuffed animal parts and reforming them into unique mythical creatures.

Davis Connelly likes bunnies and teddy bears.
Have you ever wondered what kind of lives your toys lead when you are not around? Davis Connelly has the answer. His masterful drawings illustrate the inner turmoil of stuffed animals at their most vulnerable moments. Davis is a Brooklyn artist. His realistic drawings often contain soft children's toys within dimly lit interior home settings. Davis holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and is the Director of two programs for youth in New York City.

DIABETIK melts peeps for s’mores.
Whether it is bitten, broken or dropped, no sweet treat is safe from DIABETIK, whose work has a ubiquitous presence on the streets of DC. For Uncle Cory's Art Show, DIABETIK focuses on the most overexposed of pastry trends – the cupcake.

Amy Misurelli-Sorensen was a catholic schoolgirl.
Proving that appropriate behavior is in the eye of the beholder, the drawings of Amy Misurelli-Sorensen depict young schoolgirls in a genuflection pose. Removed from outside context, these pious girls may be viewed as naughty or nice. Amy’s work, which she calls “drawings concerning piety, hypocrisy, depravity and subversion” are distorted images of female sexuality imposed by an Italian Catholic upbringing.

Cory Oberndorfer knows how many licks it takes to get to the center.
In a society that color types gender, Cory Oberndorfer emasculates our finest soldiers. His graphic pop style gives us pink plastic army men engaged in the heat of battle. Cory is an artist best known for his colorful paintings of rollergirls and candy. The presentation of his figures questions traditional gender roles. He is a grown man with careers as a professor and an artist, but his inner child still gets excited by candy shops and the opportunity to play with toys.

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