Friday, January 29, 2010

Art Whino, What? WHat?

You just wait for March! Met painters from texas tonight...been a huge fan of SCOTCH since Shane introduced me to his art back in the VA days...and when my BFFL RELAX fell in love with his louis vuitton and Darth Vader piece...DON'T MISS

CUTTHROAT’s strident stencil works center around politically charged and power-packed monochromatic imagery. His subject matter rings close to the locals of his upbringings, which took him across the Mexico border and back again, in a familial search for a better life. His images refer to the cultures that have underlined his everyday experiences, giving the viewers a rare inside perspective on what we may only understand from a distance. See it in person at the Art Whino Gallery!

His signature stencil style is the product of what he calls “a detailed and involved process,” which serves as a Zen-like experience for the artist. Methodical attention, he says, is necessary to be satisfaction with his pieces. “I know that there is a beginning and an end. I always hope that my audience appreciates the detail in my work. If they can notice that, I can be content.”

Saturday, January 30th, from 6pm – Midnight

Art Whino Gallery

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