Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cory Oberndorfer and DECOY paint together for HRC

For the past three weeks, Cory Oberndorfer and DECOY have been working on a 7 foot by 14 foot painting with the HRC. Philippa Hughes had gotten us the most amazing space to paint in up on 14th and Florida.

I did the background while Cory added the figures in the foreground. The background is a recreation of the wall paper my grandma had in her bathroom while I was growing up. If asked, some would refer to the wall paper as 'horrible'. My aunt jokes that her and grandma were tipsy the day they picked it out. It was shiny silver with butterflies randomly flying around. The bathroom was long and narrow. The wall paper filled the whole room. I looked forward to seeing it every time we visited. I always thought it was such a fun room.

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