Saturday, July 12, 2008


proof 1
CALIFORNIA – On August 28th, Todd Endris was attacked by a great white shark as he waded off the coast of Monterey, California. He says he's only alive today because a pod of dolphins came to his rescue.

The 24 year-old surfer says he was sitting on his board when the 12-15 foot long shark attacked – striking him three times at his leg and torso - peeling the skin off his back like a banana.

It was soon after that moment that a pod of bottle-nosed dolphins intervened, forming a protective ring around him. It was that protection that gave Endris enough time to catch a wave back to shore.

proof 2
A pod of dolphins saved a group of swimmers from a great white shark off the northern coast of New Zealand, it was reported today.

The incident happened when lifeguard Rob Howes took his 15-year-old daughter Niccy and two of her friends swimming near the town of Whangarei, according to the Northern Advocate newspaper.

Mr Howes told the newspaper that the dolphins "started to herd us up, they pushed all four of us together by doing tight circles around us". He explained that, when he had attempted to break away from the protective group, two of the bigger dolphins herded him back.

He then saw what he described as a three-metre great white shark cruising toward them - but it appeared to be repelled by the ring of dolphins and swam away.

"It was only about two metres away from me, the water was crystal clear, and it was as clear as the nose on my face," he said. At that point, he realised that the dolphins "had corralled us up to protect us".

proof 3
A man in Australia said a group of dolphins saved his life by chasing away man-eating sharks.

Fisherman Grant Dickson was left stranded in the sea off the coast of Queensland after his boat sank in stormy weather.

His two other crew members are feared dead.

Mr Dickson said he was left clinging to his upturned boat and could see sharks circling around him. He feared it was only a matter of time before they attacked him.

But at the last minute, a group of dolphins appeared and scared off the sharks.

He was in the sea for several hours, before he was rescued by a passing ship.

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