Friday, January 11, 2008


one of my most favorite secrets. BOOKISH LADY is my neighbor.
this is my collection.

painting by OWEL

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taxi_gang said...

luv it
got an email from kristina bilonick asking if we want to do this:
Kristina Bilonick
12:42pm Jan 9th
Hey Alex,
My friend Moira is putting together a valentines day craft show (rock and shop-esque) on Feb. 3rd from noon-5pm at the Josephine Butler house near malcom x park.

So far she has 20+ vendors but she's looking for more and I thought of you, and possibly Decoy (you could share a table or each get one). It's $35 and if you're interested, contact Moira at: for the full info.

I'm doing it and it should be cool!

on another note, do you know of any djs that would be willing to work the event? We can't offer much in terms of payment (I think at least $###) but it should be fun, and they could get some exposure. Let me know if you have any connections..I have a feeling you do.

thanks! kristina
maybe you are already? sweet! might deejay there.