Sunday, August 28, 2011


In the last two years I have been heavily working with Peter Krsko and Albus Cavus. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for being so welcomed into this collective. It has really given me a place and a community to share my love for art and further inspire others. I would not have started my own classroom out of The Fridge without Albus Cavus, I would not have met the artist I know now without Albus Cavus. I would not have been able to travel and create large murals here in DC without the invitation from Albus Cavus. And finally but most important, I would not have been able to become part of the Perry School family and meet all the rad little kids I know and teach now, without Albus Cavus. The picture above is just one day in a full 365 days. I wish I had a picture for every day that I get to work with the collective and Peter...I am so thankful for meeting this group and for everything it has brought me. Words, Words, Words...I know they mean nothing, but the time I get to spend with these kids...cheezy, but PRICELESS!