Thursday, March 24, 2011

The second week of Making Mythology

Come join Albus Cavus and The Fridge crew Sunday for the second week of Making Mythology. This Sunday you, your friends and family can create and be inspired by an amazing mask and costume builder, Jeramie Bellmay. Jeramie creates costumes for a variety of performers including many of the outfits and hats for one of my favorites, magician David London.

Jeramie Bellmay is a multi-disciplinary artist, whose work exists in both two and three dimensions, and often crosses into the fourth. He has devoted his life to exploring mediums and utilizing them to deepen his understanding of the natural and magical world around us. His experience includes painting, sculpture, wood burning, installations, theater, as well as set, prop & costume design and construction. His ongoing body of work entitled Perception Altar most recently showed in Washington, DC at The Fridge in 2010. His work emerges out of a deep seated desire for movement, geometry, balance and play.

Albus Cavus is an international collective of artists, educators and visionaries who work and create in public space. The organization operates in DC, NJ and CA. Our installations physically beautify the neighborhoods and promote development of healthy and strong communities through interactive art and events.

Education is an important element of our work. In January 2010 we have established the first series of workshops related to public art in The Fridge. Now, the themes of the workshops include art, science, technology, urban planning, etc.

All classes are located at 516 8th street SE DC rear alley

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