Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This Weeks Albus Cavus Workshop: Brent Talley

This Sunday ends the trio of dance workshops at the Fridge. We memorized a dance and followed it through with Kelly Mayfield. Acted out the different environments we live in through motion with Simone Jacobson, and learned the power of motion in public spaces. Come out and move with Brent Talley and friends and learn how to dance in a fun and comfortable environment this Sunday. Next Sunday kicks off the start of our poetry workshops!

Brent Talley started dancing in 1981 at the age of 11. He progressed through the urban dance styles of b-boying (breakdance), hip hop freestyle / "Social dances", and house dance as they were being created in the parks and at clubs. He choreographed much of the tour for musical group Dee Lite in 1994 for their "Dew Drops in the Garden" tour. In 1995, he founded the urban dance group Natural Elements Crew which represented all forms of urban dance with a heavy foucus on b-boying (breakdance). Brent has been featured in a bboy special on BET about the present and future state of bboying. Natural Elements has been involved with numerous community outreach activities from organizing their own food drives through having park jams, to working with the FLY organization at American University. Natural Elements has traveled to many underground dance events throughout the nation and Brent has judged bboy events all over the east coast. Brent currently serves as an Artistic Director with the urban dance group "Urban Artistry", which focuses on preserving urban dance culture through teaching history, technique, and progressive creativity. More info can be found at

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