Monday, September 27, 2010

New photos by Daquella manera.

Check out some new photos of DECOY work by one of my favorite dc photographers, Daquella manera.

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Daniel Lobo said...

Thanks Alicia!
I always love finding your stuff around town. Still got some of it pending to upload, but I´m way behind with all the summer pictures. I´ll get there... And as always any heads up about new stuff is always more than welcome.

And best wishes with the workshops for kids at the Fridge. For a moment I was considering getting the older one to show up in one of them, he is on the small spectrum for the class 2 1/2. It would have been a nice opportunity to finally meet, but dates may not work too well for me, since I'm taking care of the younger baby girl most days too. Hmmm, I'll keep it in mind If I see an opening.