Sunday, September 13, 2009

This week is about DREAMS coming true.

DECOY raises awareness about hunger in DC. Did you know that 56,000 children in DC are at risk of hunger? You'll get to decorate lunch bags that we'll donate to area kitchens that provide meals to those in need.

A little while ago I had the idea of creating a DC school wide giving project. I feel it is very important to learn at an early age that there is always someone else out there who is a bit less fortunate than you. In this project the kids would be educated on the homeless and hunger problem, and decorate lunch bags with uplifting pictures and messages. Growing up, my mother created a variety of strange lunches for me...but i always had a lunch and it always has a note written on the napkin reminding me that my mom loved me.
I was so excited to get this project off the ground. I thank The Pink Line Project for listening and helping little ideas like this one become a reality.
The most exciting thing for me, in letting ideas like this grow, is that I myself learn things. I had asked P to research hunger facts for me in the DC area...this is the main one: Did you know that 56,000 children in DC are at risk of hunger?
I think my project will now take a huge shift from this information...I LOVE THE PINK LINE!

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