Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just a side note...

I've been busy working on this mural project in DC. It's called the Edgewood Mural Project. It's been really awesome. More awesome than I could have ever imagined. The combination of youth from DC with the DC youth employment program and the artist gathered for the project-DC arts and humanities- a super A plus project.

PHOTO BY: Richard Chu

The Washington Post will run an article on it this sunday. Dan who is awesome!

but in addition to what the drawing on the wall means to me, ... I hope it also represents...strength in women, and having the power to live beyond something you may have thought would have crushed you. I want it to represent the Pink Line Project, which I feel is a very new, yet important project in DC. The DC punk scene. Code Pink. Breast Cancer. Girl Power.

It represents Innocence. Pure Happiness. A Peaceful memory.

Working on this mural with these artist has been a real dream of mime. Just being in the presence of Chor Boogie and Pose 2 paint has been a inspiration beyond words. And the beauty of josh's piece with out a doubt, one of my FAIV pieces of art I have seen in a long long time. Someone keeps asking "where's the history" in the mural? I think it's in Josh's piece. And Quest Skinner is the biggest little bomb I have ever met. This girl does it all! and with such an imagination! Such a unique part of DC art history!

please come out and join us this monday at 4pm for the unveiling of the mural.

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