Saturday, July 18, 2009

Street art and Photography.

This is basically one of the first 'posters' i ever put up. This is also where my relationships with street photographers began. OHAD, a DC photographer, took a picture of the two-headed monster. That picture was then used for the cover of the book, The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears by Dinaw Mengestu. OHAD's photos are beautiful!

Daquella manera has been a long time DC street art photographer and documentarian. He gets it all!

My best friend RELAX has a love for languages. Fluent in three, she explained to me that the chorus of the song that we were listening to in french said, "you are the prettiest flower in my garden". See more photos from this DC photographer here.

Street art by DIABETIC and EVOL picture by Thorne Sirbak

I love how art brings people together. One of the neatest things my art has brought me closer to, is photography. Here are some more works by local photographer Shaun Barrows.

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Daniel Lobo said...

Thanks and keep them coming :-)
I just took a pict yesterday of your dream drawing on the boarded up spot. I'll upload it shortly. Also caught up a sticker or two I had missed earlier... Was hoping to find some of the larger new paste ups but they are either gone or I was just wandering around missing spots (probably the latter. BTW, have you seen that on the construction site on 14th st off U street so far they are keeping the remaining paste ups on the party wall?