Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Series in mind

Don't do it like everyone else.....

new pieces partially in da 'works'...
heavily tattooed people
people i'd like to meet
x loves- broken heart series
are you feeling sexy? a series of erotic drawings
nessie/ punk/ rose series- pets i've loved
women in side show acts
swords and boys are fun/ sluts are sexy

all would be a series of two-three pieces-

up and coming shows!
APRIL 23- 11th and rhode island Random Acts of Kindness! Pink Line Project

May 23- Stay In School (still in the works) with Colorado artist Scot Lefavor!

june-july Memento Mori- The Fridge, se dc. new spot, new fun. DECOY show so awesome it'll make you confess your sins! More TBA.

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Robert said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing these as they arrive, and would love for you to jot down some thoughts as you start to make them... would love to publish on bourgeon: http://www.bourgeononline. I really enjoyed seeing the series of images you posted recently of the poster in process. Images to publish with would be great. - Rob